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Contributions of vascular and Alzheimer's disease pathology to dementia

Although Alzheimer's disease (AD) is frequently cited as the most common type of dementia, the relative contributions of vascular and neurodegenerative pathology to clinical dementia have been actually obscure. The systematic review of studies reporting clinicopathologic data of dementia cases sheds important light on this issue [1]. Ten reports were analyzed, and altogether they included… Read More

Association of TLR4 with Alzheimer's disease risk and presymptomatic biomarkers of inflammation

A coding variant in the TLR4 receptor (rs4986790), previously associated with longevity and Alzheimer's disease (AD) risk reduction, was examined in a population isolate (Qu├ębec Founder Population [QFP]) and in presymptomatic individuals with a parental history of AD (Pre-Symptomatic Evaluation of Novel or Experimental Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease [PREVENT-AD]). Read More
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