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GeneMatch: A novel recruitment registry using at-home APOE genotyping to enhance referrals to Alzheimer's prevention studies

Recruitment for Alzheimer's disease (AD) prevention research studies is challenging because of lack of awareness among cognitively healthy adults coupled with the high screen fail rate due to participants not having a genetic risk factor or biomarker evidence of the disease. Participant recruitment registries offer one solution for efficiently and effectively identifying, characterizing, and connecting… Read More

Alzheimer's disease and glaucoma: Look-alike neurodegenerative diseases

We read with great interest the article by Lee et al. [1] entitled “Associations between recent and established ophthalmic conditions and risk of Alzheimer's disease” published recently in Alzheimer's & Dementia. We are grateful to the authors for sharing their valuable data with the scientific community, and we appreciate their efforts to investigate associations of ocular… Read More
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