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National Do Not Call Registry

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission’s National Do Not Call Registry is a national list you can put your elderly family member’s phone number on for free that means telemarketers cannot contact them via telephone. If they do, your senior can file a complaint with the FTC. Being on the list will decrease the amount of telemarketing calls they receive because most telemarketers look at the list and avoid calling. But some telemarketers will still call, and all your loved one needs to do is tell them that they are on the National Do Not Call Registry and that they’re going to file a complaint against them, and hang up. Then your senior should file a complaint with the FTC.

To sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry, go to or register phone numbers over the phone by calling 888-382-1222 from the phone number to be registered. Residential phone numbers may be registered as well as cell phone numbers. They will remain on the list until your senior chooses to remove them. After registering a phone number, telemarketers have up to 31 days from the date your family member registered to stop calling them before they can file a complaint.

To file a complaint with the FTC against a telemarketer, call 888-CALL-FCC (888-225-5322) or fill out an electronic form and fax it to 866-418-0232 or mail it to the address provided on Your loved one may also type up their own complaint and fax it or mail it, as long as it indicates:


  • Their name, the phone number they received the solicitation on, and their address.
  • Identification of the company whose products or services were being advertised, if your senior knows it, and the phone number the call was received from.
  • A description of the call.
  • Whether they gave the caller prior permission to call, and whether they had an established business relationship with the caller.
  • Any phone number provided to allow them to “opt-out” of future calls.

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