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Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care in Grover Beach

Seniors and individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia can get the support, care and assistance that they most deserve without leaving the comfort and familiarity of their home. Coast Family Home Care provides quality dementia and Alzheimer’s care at home in Grover Beach. We make sure that our clients receive compassionate care and quality support in an environment already familiar to them.

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other similar cognitive disorders require a high level of care and support. This is something our agency can provide. We help not only the clients, but also their families. We understand how dementia affects the life of the individual, not only cognitively, but also emotionally, physically, socially and behaviorally.

Receiving high quality care and support is highly important. That is why our team of compassionate, experienced and dedicated caregivers will see to it that all the unique demands and specific needs of each client are provided and attended to. They are specifically trained to care for dementia clients from the early stage to the later stage of the condition.

Benefits to Having Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care in Grover Beach

If you get dementia and Alzheimer’s care from our agency, there are a wide array of benefits that you will get. Receiving care at home, an environment where clients feel safe and comfortable, is a benefit in itself. Living in a familiar surrounding is important for individuals with dementia since they are prone to disorientation, anxiety and behavioral changes. Being at home also improves their overall well-being, memory and cognitive function.

In sum, the benefits of dementia and Alzheimer’s care are as follows:

  • Receiving high standards of care at home which aids clients in retaining their memories and cognitive function better, helping slow down the progression of their condition.
  • Getting constant assistance and support such as personal care and activities of daily living.
    Having a compassionate and dedicated companion who can act as their constant social and emotional support.
  • Improving their sense of independence, self-worth and dignity.
  • Being able to continue doing their familiar routine and habits which can have a huge positive impact on their well-being and cognitive function.
  • Getting constant monitoring and assessment to ensure that the effects of dementia are attended to and alleviated.
  • Preventing slips, falls, accidents and other self-injury and risks.
  • Getting support in dealing with their anxiety, depression, agitation, memory loss and other effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s.
  • Engaging in different physical, social and mental activities.

About Grover Beach

Conveniently located just 92 miles north of Santa Barbara and four miles south of Pismo, Grover Beach is a city in San Luis Obispo County, California. It is most known for its 18 miles of scenic Dunes and beautiful beaches. It has a population of about 13,156 people.

Grover Beach is also a great place for seniors and individuals with dementia to receive quality care at home. Coast Family Home Care provides compassionate and exceptional dementia and Alzheimer’s care in the city. Contact us today.

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