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Alzheimer and Dementia Care in Buellton

Coast Family Home Care offers care and support to persons living with Alzheimer and dementia in the familiarity and safety of their home. Here at our agency, we treat our clients like family. On top of the quality care and assistance that we provide, we put emphasis on building relationships, establishing understanding, companionship, social interaction and emotional support. 

We believe in a relationship-centered approach. This is especially true in caring for persons with dementia. We understand the challenges that come with caring for people with dementia. We know how their condition can affect not only their cognitive function, but their emotional, physical and behavioral well-being as well. Taking these things into consideration, we provide assistance and support to make their lives as comfortable and safe as possible, and make their condition manageable.

Benefits of Alzheimer and Dementia Care in Buellton

Alzheimer and dementia care at home includes a wide range of services and benefits. We provide holistic care to ensure that the client gets the best care, especially as their condition progresses. We improve their quality of life even as they struggle with memory loss, cognitive decline and other effects of dementia.

The most common benefit of dementia care is that the person has the choice to remain in their home, where they feel safe and comfortable. Staying at home allows them to retain their memory better since transferring to an unfamiliar environment may make them feel disoriented, such as when they are moved to a memory care unit or nursing home. 

In addition, the following are the benefits of dementia care:

  • Companionship, emotional support, and social interaction.
  • Personalized care to attend to the unique needs of each dementia patient.
  • Constant monitoring and assessment of symptoms and the progression of the condition.
  • Assistance with activities of daily living in a familiar, comfortable and safe environment.
  • Mental activities and therapy to manage cognitive decline and other effects of dementia.
  • Personal care which includes bathing, grooming, meal preparation, errands, transportation, light housekeeping and more.
  • Encouragement of healthy habits, routines and lifestyle.
  • Dealing with the personality and behavioral changes that a person with dementia may experience.
  • Respite care for primary caregivers and family caregivers.

About Buellton

Located in the heart of Santa Ynez Valley, Buellton is a small city in Santa Barbara County with a population of 5,161. This small city easily attracts many travelers due to its strategic location, which is at the junction of U.S. Route 101 and State Route 246. Offering a small town feel, Buellton is nicknamed “Home of Split Pea Soup,” which refers to a restaurant famous among travelers in Central California.

Do you live in Buellton or nearby? If you do and you need Alzheimer and dementia care for yourself or your loved one, contact us anytime. Coast Family Home Care offers quality, specialized, personalized and compassionate dementia care at home for individuals living in Buellton. Our team of professional caregivers are always ready to be at your service.

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